Top 10 Spa Treatments in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE or the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is also known as the 2nd most populous city in UAE. Visiting a city which has a reputation for being hardworking. A dream place to go & spend a few days of pure relaxation. If you are visiting Abu Dhabi or you are a resident over there, then you may not miss out different types of spa and massage available in Abu Dhabi. But what are different types of spas & which one should you choose?

Well here are Top 10 Different types of spa available in Abu Dhabi. The list is based on Reviews & Rankings, so you can count on us. These are the Best Spa in Abu Dhabi.

Following are spas with Abu Dhabi Massage & you will definitely like this. However, these Massage/Spa services are in Abu Dhabi. So, don’t think you might get this all spas in UAE everywhere. Come & get this relaxation Massage in Abu Dhabi.

#1- Mystic Moroccan Hammam at Emirates Palace Spa:

Mystic Moroccan Hammam at Emirates Palace Spa

This Mystic Moroccan Hammam is made on 1500 square metre land area. This couple’s room, heated marble chamber with an ice cave accompanied by more features makes this spa more traditional. The spa session lasts for 150 minutes that is 2.5 Hours & seems to be enough to let your body release stress. Spa session starts with gold eucalyptus soap & usually ends with a diamond oil massage. This spa is regularly working from 10 AM to 11 PM.

#2 – Remede Sanctuary at Remedy Spa:

Remede Sanctuary at Remedy Spa

Spa on 3200 m with a sea-facing side & a café dishing out can be quite impressive when delivered at St.Regis standards. Usually, the spa session over here lasts for 4.5 hours where you will get custom body polish, massage & facial, additionally a relaxation ritual too. After the end of session where your skin & body has been treated, you will get an inclusive light lunch.

#3- Desert Sand Body Scrub at Anantara Spa:

Desert Sand Body Scrub at Anantara Spa

This spa arena consists of 15 treatment rooms & relaxation level over here is different than other spa’s because of Abu Dhabi’s mangroves. A Turkish hammam & Thai inspired these two categories together at one spot. You might love Vichu Shower rooms for sure. Lying on a heated marble slab where a shower from above soothes a treatment including a scrub using desert sand. This scrub using sand removes dead skin. Once this scrub is done, there’s an application of Argan Oil. A great place!

#4- Four-Handed massage at Espa:

Four-Handed massage at Espa

According to the name you might have got an idea. How your experience might be, were trained therapists kneading your body. Volcanic Hot stones & warm oil applied on your body. Also, two therapists doing it. This 2 therapist strategy makes the spa’s signature “4-Hand Massage”. You will also get a facial exfoliation, steam & treatment specific mask. However, these steps might take a long duration. So avoid these rituals if you just want a massage.

#5- Dahila Spa:

Dahila Spa

An urban spa plus beachside experience. But, this spa is a day spa considering image-consciousness. Usually, the spa session lasts for three hours beginning with feet & passing through the body. You may also upgrade to a Quartz Sand Table if you enjoyed previous one. Also, enjoy Psammotherapy massage and body to body massage.  3 levels of spa & you may choose anything you want. Probably a best!

#6 – Jewel of Arabia at Sense Spa:

Jewel of Arabia at Sense Spa

Spa mezze offered at Sense in the Rosewood Abu Dhabi, there are small add-on sessions too that make this spa combo more interesting. The sessions last for approximately 4.5 Hours & there’s no alternative. You may get Diamond facial, rhassoul clay body wrap, argan oil scalp massage & citrus body scrub.

#7- Exceptional Ritual at Talise Spa:

Exceptional Ritual at Talise Spa

A spa session of 5 hours is more than enough. This epic ritual spa might really make you feel relaxed & that dozing feeling will be amazing. Don’t get surprised if you wake up between any rituals. These highly elite massage series are definitely one of the best. It might be challenging for you to not go to sleep.

#8- Wish at Heavenly Spa:

Wish at Heavenly Spa

This Westin’s charming spa will make you speechless. The session over here lasts for 150 minutes using aromatic products. Spa packages over here have Hope, Dream & Joy but for more experience make it WISH. Aromatic products with an energizing scrub, renewal rituals & massage would make you relax as well as glowing.

#9- Ultimate Namm Spa Journey at Namm Spa:

Ultimate Namm Spa Journey at Namm Spa

Most of the spa treatments over here are Thai based & the concepts of relaxation are damn good. The spa session over here lasts for approximately 3.5 hours of treatment. A 3.5 Hours full body massage that includes sea salt polish, Thai massage & Pink Kaolin Clay Rehydration Wrap.

#10 – Dead Sea Mineralogy at Rayana Spa:

Dead Sea Mineralogy at Rayana Spa

The helpful properties of Jordan’s Dead Sea are all around reported and in spite of the fact that it is just a short flight away, the odds to encounter it directly might be restricted. The following best thing is this four-hour spa bundle which incorporates a Dead Sea shower and clean, a hostile to maturing mud shower and a decontaminating rub. On the off chance that that doesn’t renew you then you may need to check your heartbeat.

These were Top 10 Spa Treatments in Abu Dhabi. The list isn’t ranking any treatment; the list is just based on reviews. There were more than 10 different treatments but we shortlisted Top 10. The above Spa treatments are for a good duration with extra facilities that make your paid money worthy. We haven’t included session prices because they might vary according to Spa Services and different massage centers in abu dhabi.